.NET Links of the Week #34

The last week was very quiet, nothing special happened in the .NET Community, no new releases. But there are still a bunch of great articles. Enjoy reading!

WPF and Silverlight

First Guide to MEF & Silverlight (Part–II) by Kunal Chowdhury

First Guide to MEF & Silverlight (Part–III) by Kunal Chowdhury

SILVERLIGHT Tutorial – What is XAML? by Dinesh Sodani

10 things Beginning Silverlight and WPF Developers Need to Know by Pete Brown

Phone development

i2W: An iPhone Developer’s First Windows Phone 7 Application by Jesse Liberty

Exploring Silverlight-XNA integration on Windows Phone 7 by Levente Mihály

.Net Framework

Basics of C#: Checked and Unchecked Conversions by Dhananjay Kumar

Using self tracking entities with Silverlight 4 and Entity Framework 4

Entity Framework 4.0- Bind Stored Procedure with Result Entity class

Managing business object locks on application level by Gunnar Peipman

Entity Framework & Concurrency by Sankarsan


Experiment : An Alternative to Captcha

ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview 1 – Razor View Engine

Add OpenID Login Support In Your ASP.NET Application by Prashant Khandelwal

Calling an asp.net web service from jQuery by Jalpesh Vadgama

Tools and Libraries

LightSwitch Beta1 Now Available, Building Your First App by Jason Zander

VS 2010 Deployment (Package, One click deploy and Web.config transformation)

Visual Studio: Microsoft should simplify producing quality software by Gunnar Peipman

Search and Navigation Tips/Tricks with Visual Studio by Scott Guthrie

Web development

Script Junkie: a platform about scripting and CSS powered by Microsoft

Jquery – JavaScript Libray Write less do more

Overview of Data Validation in LightSwitch Applications (Prem Ramanathan)

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