.NET Links of the Week #36

This week my .NET links will be released some days earlier than usual, because I will leave for holidays tomorrow! Enjoy reading!

WPF and Silverlight

Introducing JetPack–a new Silverlight 4 application theme by Tim Heuer

Consuming WCF Service in Silverlight4 Projects by Hima on Beyond Rational

WPF & Silverlight at risk from Microsoft’s passion for HTML5 by Mike James on I-Programmer

Styles in Silverlight by Dinesh Sodani on Beyond Relational

Phone development

iPhone to Windows Phone 7: Lists and Details by Jesse Liberty

Using the Accelerometer on Windows Phone 7 by Windows Phone Team

.Net Framework

How to Create WCF 4.0 Service and Hosting in IIS 7.5 on CodeGain

Passing parameters by value & by reference

List<T> internals and performance when adding new elements by Gunnar Peipman

Data Binding with DbContext by Entity Framework Design Team


Rotate Ads using jQuery and ASP.NET AdRotator Control by Suprotim Agarwal on DotnetCurry

A simple mvc example to view and edit .NET resource (*.resx) files

Making async calls to web services during ASP.NET page processing by Gunnar Peipman

Overriding a .svc Request With Routing by Phil Haack

Tools and Libraries

Common mistakes made when measuring the speed of code by Gunnar Peipman

Introducing the Microsoft Web Farm Framework by Scott Guthrie

Power Commands for Visual Studio 2010 – Extension #8 by Sara Ford