.NET Links of the Week #38

It looks like there are only Windows Phone 7 developers out there if you read the news from the last week. I only put a few of them into my list! Enjoy reading!

WPF and Silverlight

WPF Tutorial : Styles, Triggers and Animations by Abhishek Sur

Custom Placement within an ItemsControl in WPF by Pete Brown

Phone development

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Released by Scott Gu

Windows Phone 7 Emulator Unlocked

Microsoft Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone Developer Tools Tutorial by Jason Zander

Reactive Extensions Phone 7 samples in VB

Windows Phone 7 for Silverlight Programmers – Launchers and Choosers by Jesse Liberty

Handling picture orientation in CameraCaptureTask in Windows Phone 7 by Tim Heuer

.Net Framework

Reactive Extensions in .NET – Hot & Cold Observable

Getting Started with Entity Framework 4.0 Screencast Part 5 by Muhammad Mosa

Friend assemblies in .NET by Agafonov Viacheslav

Partial Methods – An Uncommon Note by Abhishek Sur

Vote for your favourite .NET DI (IoC) Framework

Unity, Castle Windsor, StructureMap, Ninject – who has best performance? by Gunnar Peipman

EF Caching with Jarek Kowalski’s Provider by ADO.NET Team


jQuery UI on the Microsoft CDN by Stephen Walter

6,953 reasons why I still let Google host jQuery for me by Dave Ward

ASP.NET MVC: Using asynchronous controller to call web services by Gunnar Peipman

Tools and Libraries

The Ultimate Guide (of Five Things) for New IE9 users Who Fear Change by Scott Hanselman

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