.NET Links of the Week #39

Last week a lot of Windows Phone 7 tutorials were published (if you are interested in WP7 dev, don’t miss the developer launch webcast). There were also some good articles from the MSDN Magazine in my weekly list. Enjoy reading!

Phone development

Microsoft Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone Developer Tools Tutorial by Jason Zander

Windows Phone 7 Developer Training events by Tim Heuer

Simulcast: Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch by Windows Phone Developer Team

Windows Phone 7: Navigation by Jesse Liberty

Mobile Apps: Getting Started with Windows Phone Development Tools by MSDN Magazine

.Net Framework

WCF Data Services Client Library and Windows Phone 7 by WCF Data Services Team

Fully Qualified Path in .NET on DevCurry by Suprotim Agarwal

Entity Framework Preview: code first, ObjectSet and DbContext by MSDN Magazine

Thread Pools: Scalable Multithreaded Programming with Thread Pools by MSDN Magazine

Object databases for .NET with LINQ support

Building a CRUD in RESTful Services of WCF by Abhishek Sur

Getting Started with WCF RIA Services by Dinesh Sodani

WPF and Silverlight

Yet Another Podcast Show #3 – John Papa on MVVM and Patterns by Jesse Libery

Herding Code 94: Silverlight and HTML5


Detect Mobile Device using ASP.NET on DevCurry by Suprotim Agarwal

jQuery Templates, Data Link, and Globalization Accepted as Official jQuery Plugins by Scott Gu

Bing Maps: Adding and tracking pushpins using JavaScript by Gunnar Peipman

5 Ways HTML5 can Speed Up Your ASP.NET Application

Tools and Libraries

The Ultimate Guide (of Five Things) for New IE9 users Who Fear Change by Scott Hanselman

5 Easy Tips to Reduce and Refactor Your Code with Resharper by John Papa

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