.NET Links of the Week #40

The new packaging manager NuPack has been released this week, so some articles about that topic. Also a new version of mono has been released last week! Enjoy reading!

Phone development

Introducing App Hub for Windows Phone 7 by Windows Phone Dev Team
App Hub is the place where you can submit your Windows Phone 7 app

iPhone to Windows Phone 7 – XNA, Animation and Games by Jesse Liberty
Great series, this episode about graphics and gaming

Yet Another Podcast – Show 5 – Programming Windows Phone 7 by Jesse Liberty
Podcast about programming Windows Phone with Jeffrey Blankenburg

.Net Framework

Attributes Every .NET Developer Should Know About on Devcurry
Shows most of the important attributes which are present in .NET Class Library

Entity Designer Improvements Preview by EF Design Team
The team shows the improvements of the EF Designer in a future version

Object Caching – .NET 4 by Dean Hume
Article about Caching in .NET in common

WPF and Silverlight

Deploying Silverlight assemblies via NuPack by Tim Heuer
Shows how Silverlight projects can be deployed with the new package manager (NuPack)

JavaScript vs Silverlight: An answer by Laurent Bugnion
Article about Silverlight and Javascript and which should be preffered


Using external templates with jQuery Templates by Dave Ward
Explains how external templates can the used in jQuery

ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta Released by Phil Haack
Just a great picture of a cat :) nothing more to add..

Understanding jQuery’s impact on Microsoft and ASP.NET by Dave Ward
ASP.NET Ajax Library gets killed by jQuery

Tools and Libraries

Mono 2.8 is out
A new version of the .NET Framework for Linux is out, which now also supports C# 4.0

Introducing NuPack Package Management for .NET by Scott Hanselman
Walk through about NuPack the new packaging manager

Introducing NuPack Package Manager by Phil Haack
Phil Haack about the new packaging manager

Visual Studio 2010 Survey by Jason Zander
Survey about Visual Studio by Microsoft

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