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I had a look how you can do some search engine optimization for my blog. I found various articles about it and about a extension for BlogEngine, which should do this. But i recognized you don’t need this extension at all. The current version of BlogEngine does this already by default and allows nearly all the customization which also the extension does. More important for SEO are other points, which normally get forgotten.

  • Add a profile name
  • Always add a description for your post
  • Add tags to your post
  • Add also a description for your categories
  • Edit the present robots file


Robots File

First the sitemap entry in your robots file must be uncommented. This entry gives the crawler a hint, where it finds the all the pages of your site. You will find the following entry in your robots.txt which is given by the blogengine installer.


You have to remove the # and replace the URL with your URL like With the robots file, you can also define that the crawler should ignore some files, so the page will not be shown on Google. I was wondering that you can also exclude a page only when a specific get parameter is set, not only exclude specific pages or directories. This information you will find in the Google SEO guide. I used the exclusion feature to exclude all tag links like /?tag=/net and file.axd. I did this by adding the following entries to the disallow section of the robots file

Disallow: /?tag
Disallow: /file.axd

You can check your modifications with the Google Webmastertools. It shows which files are crawled and which files are ignored because of the robots.txt. But pay attention, it can take a long time till your modifications will affect the search results. My modifications took one week till it affects the google search results. You can check it by search on google for (replace with the domain of your site)!

Title and Meta Tags

The profile name, description and the tags will be used by BlogEngine.NET to set the meta tags. These tags will be used by the search engine to index your page. The description meta tag, which contains the description of your blog post, is normally used as preview in the search results. The title of the page will always be the name of your post. You can additionally prefix them with the name of your blog by “Prefixes the page titles with the name of the blog” option. This is also the title that search engines shows.

A little bit annoying is that you can’t change the delimeter which is used to seperate the blog name and the blog post name. You also can’t change if the name of your blog should set after or before the post name in the title of the page. I hope the next version of BlogEngine.NET will support a customization feature like that.

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  1. Thanks for the cool tip. but does Google disallow tag pages when you put
    Disallow: /?tag

    I have doubts. I tested in the webmaster tool and it failed.

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